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Governor Nixon Signs the Peabody-Slay Amendment

Take Back St. Louis Statement on Governor Nixon’s Signing of SB 672

Today, Governor Nixon signed SB 672, a bill that contains Amendment 135.980. Amendment 135.980 bans the City of St. Louis from restricting through ballot initiative public financial incentives for coal mining companies for two years. In response, the Take Back St. Louis campaign put forth the following statement:

Today, as the Slay-Peabody amendment is signed into law, Mayor Francis Slay has picked his side of history -- and it’s the side of Big Coal. In the process, Mayor Slay has attempted to silence the voices of over 22,000 St. Louis residents who signed the Take Back St. Louis initiative, depriving them of a vote on stopping giving incentives to coal companies to create a green economy. Instead, Mayor Slay has made it clear that his allegiances are to Peabody, not to his constituents. Mayor Slay and Peabody lobbyists worked hand in hand, whipping votes to pass this amendment. It is clear who our Mayor works for -- and even more clear the work that we need to do to make St. Louis a city that works for everyone, not just Big Coal.

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Take Back St. Louis Appeals Judge's Ruling on Ballot Initiative


Contact: Arielle Klagsbrun, [email protected]

Take Back St. Louis Files Appeal On Permanent Injunction Ruling for Ballot Initiative

ST. LOUIS -- The Take Back St. Louis coalition filed a notice of appeal with the Eastern Missouri court of appeals yesterday challenging a judge’s granting of a permanent injunction on a municipal ballot initiative. The Take Back St. Louis initiative was removed from the April 8th ballot by the granting of a temporary restraining order. The judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, represented by a former Peabody lobbyist, finding that the initiative’s directives on the local allocation of tax increment financing (TIFs) conflicted with state law. The Take Back St. Louis coalition is looking to place the issue on the November ballot.

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Judge Rules Again with Peabody


Contact: Arielle Klagsbrun, 617 869 8345, [email protected]

Take Back St. Louis Statement Regarding Judge’s Ruling on Permanent Injunction

Today, Judge Dierker ruled with the plaintiffs in passing a permanent injunction on the Take Back St. Louis initiative, saying that the initiative conflicts with state law on the regulation of TIFs (tax increment financing) and Special Business District financing. In response, Take Back St. Louis has issued the following statement.

We are deeply disappointed that the Judge chose to side with the corporate plaintiffs over the people. The Judge’s decision rests on the nuances of state-level TIF (tax increment financing) and Special Business District law. While the Judge asserts that any local direction on these tax breaks conflicts with state law, the Take Back St. Louis campaign strongly contends that the Mayor’s office everyday directs and makes judgments on who gets tax breaks in the City of St. Louis. An average person does not have the same shot at a tax break in this City as a billion-dollar corporation. The Take Back St. Louis initiative was initially conceived of to correct the Mayor’s failings in...

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This Week in Corporate Greed

                  With the legislative session coming to an end this month, Missouri lawmakers have officially passed the ‘Peabody bill’, an amendment designed specifically to obstruct the Take Back St. Louis ballot initiative and eliminate citizens’ rights to control the allocation of their tax dollars through the ballot initiative process. By using Missouri law as a means to further a corporate agenda and subvert the democratic process in St. Louis, Mayor Slay has proven yet again that he’ll do anything to keep the power out of the hands of citizens and in the hands of the big corporations he’s so deeply involved with. 

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Mayor Slay Loves Peabody Coal

We always knew that Mayor Slay was not a huge fan of the Take Back St. Louis initiative. This wasn't surprising given how much of his campaign contributions come from big corporations. Again and again, the Mayor has gone out of his way to protect tax breaks to big corporations without any thought to how those tax breaks impact the public schools or city neighborhoods.

Now, Mayor Slay has gone to the greatest lengths possible to protect Peabody Coal, the world's largest coal company. With Peabody's lobbyists, he has drafted and is lobbying for a state-wide amendment to ban citizen-driven ballot initiatives from regulating tax breaks to coal corporations in the City of St. Louis. 22,000 people signed the Take Back St. Louis initiative because they wanted a vote on how the Mayor's office consistently gives away tax breaks to big corporations like Peabody, Ameren and Laclede. Yet, the Mayor's office would rather side with Peabody Coal than his own constituents. There are less than 72 hours left in the legislative session for Mayor Slay and Peabody to get this bill passed. We know that Mayor Slay has personally been calling legislators, so we want to make some calls of our own. 


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