This Week in Corporate Greed

                  With the legislative session coming to an end this month, Missouri lawmakers have officially passed the ‘Peabody bill’, an amendment designed specifically to obstruct the Take Back St. Louis ballot initiative and eliminate citizens’ rights to control the allocation of their tax dollars through the ballot initiative process. By using Missouri law as a means to further a corporate agenda and subvert the democratic process in St. Louis, Mayor Slay has proven yet again that he’ll do anything to keep the power out of the hands of citizens and in the hands of the big corporations he’s so deeply involved with. 

                  Referring to the Take Back St. Louis initiative as an “anarchist’s dream” to the Post-Dispatch, Mayor Slay, who’s been working closely with Peabody’s lawyers and lobbyists to derail the ballot initiative for months, specifically asked legislators in Missouri to block the initiative in an attempt to keep St. Louis residents from having a say in the use of their tax dollars by socially and environmentally irresponsible corporations like Peabody Coal. Rather than make an effort to promote the application of the democratic process or push towards a more sustainable and localized economy within the St. Louis area, Slay has instead chosen to side once again with Peabody and continue to bestow the destructive corporate giant with thousands of dollars in corporate welfare and tax incentives—which residents of St. Louis now have absolutely no say in.

                  Rather than place emphasis on St. Louis’ need for the creation of a new economic strategy for the city, which demands attention to the ‘double bottom line’ of both environmental and economic justice issues within the community, local legislators like Mayor Slay have worked hard to instead focus attention and resources to the deterrence of the Take Back St. Louis initiative. Framing the situation in a way that neglects the broader negative implications of Peabody’s questionable set of business ethics in lieu of promoting dangerous and unnecessary corporate control over St. Louis city, legislators are working hard to keep the power in the hands of big corporations and out of the hands of city residents. Other local lawmakers like Senator Keaveny have also come out in support of Mayor Slay’s position on the issue, telling the Post-Dispatch that, “I’ve been busting my tail to get people to move to the city. This initiative petition goes so far that basically every major employer in St. Louis would be incentivized to go to St. Louis County.” With all this focus on blocking the Take Back St. Louis initiative, it seems that Mayor Slay & friends have forgotten to articulate a new job plan of their own to push St. Louis towards a more equal, localized, and sustainable economy.

                  Call your local representatives and let them know that we don’t appreciate the subversion of our democratic process.

Call SENATOR KEAVENY at (573)-751-3599 

Call MAYOR SLAY at (314) 622-3201

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