History of Tax Incentives

The Take Back St. Louis initiative seeks to change the way our city thinks about development. The City of St. Louis has traditionally given tax breaks to large corporations downtown, including fossil fuel corporations. We will continue to add information about the history of tax breaks given. 

In 2010, the City passed City Ordinance 68701 which granted Peabody Energy, the world's largest private sector coal company, a whole host of tax breaks. Peabody received tax breaks "on just under $50 million in new equipment and $11 million on building improvements over the next ten years.

Public Opinion

We polled 500 St. Louis voters and this is what they had to say:

  • 50% of people polled would support a ballot initiative that would prohibit tax breaks to fossil fuel corporations, increase investment in renewables, and give St. Louisans a right to sustainable energy
  • 73% of people polled consider climate change to be an important issue
  • 54% of people believe that global warming is impacting St. Louis
  • only 26% of people believe that the City of St. Louis should be giving tax breaks to energy providers that use fossil fuels, and 52% believe that the city should be giving tax incentives to renewable energy providers
  • 72% believe the City should invest in using vacant land for renewable energy projects and urban gardens and farms

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