Governor Nixon Signs the Peabody-Slay Amendment

Take Back St. Louis Statement on Governor Nixon’s Signing of SB 672

Today, Governor Nixon signed SB 672, a bill that contains Amendment 135.980. Amendment 135.980 bans the City of St. Louis from restricting through ballot initiative public financial incentives for coal mining companies for two years. In response, the Take Back St. Louis campaign put forth the following statement:

Today, as the Slay-Peabody amendment is signed into law, Mayor Francis Slay has picked his side of history -- and it’s the side of Big Coal. In the process, Mayor Slay has attempted to silence the voices of over 22,000 St. Louis residents who signed the Take Back St. Louis initiative, depriving them of a vote on stopping giving incentives to coal companies to create a green economy. Instead, Mayor Slay has made it clear that his allegiances are to Peabody, not to his constituents. Mayor Slay and Peabody lobbyists worked hand in hand, whipping votes to pass this amendment. It is clear who our Mayor works for -- and even more clear the work that we need to do to make St. Louis a city that works for everyone, not just Big Coal.

Despite this amendments, restrictions on incentives to coal mining corporations are just a small piece of the Take Back St. Louis initiative. The Take Back St. Louis initiative is fundamentally about what kind of local economy we want to have -- one that continues to give huge tax breaks to big corporations or one that invests in a local green economy. The conversation about the future of our economy is one that over 22,000 people who signed the Take Back St. Louis initiative want to have. Over the next months, that conversation -- about how to create an economy that works for everyone, that keeps resources local and that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels -- will continue regardless of the Slay-Peabody amendment.

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