About Take Back St. Louis

As St. Louisans, we see 2 major problems in our city: development and climate change. Almost every sector of St. Louis remains woefully underfunded-- supposedly because of lack of funds. Meanwhile, last summer’s crippling triple digit heat waves and extreme drought serve as indicators of what continued carbon emissions will feel like for our region and elucidate the costs of inaction on climate change.  Yet, in St. Louis, as in many other cities across the United States, corporations are rewarded tax breaks and forgivable loans to continue their daily business. In many instances, “daily business” comes at the cost of overexploitation of environment and workers.

Our city has money-- but unfortunately, it’s going to corporations instead of projects that work for the public good. Right now, the City of St. Louis gives massive tax breaks to giant corporations downtown under the premise that these companies will create jobs. Yet, these corporations usually fail to create what they promise. We’re left with consistent unemployment rates and millions of dollars stolen by these corporations away from the St. Louis Public Schools and other vital public services.

Take Back St. Louis, a campaign driven by St. Louisans, aims to transform the way development works in our city while also moving the city towards a sustainable future. Fundamentally, we want our public money to work for people, not for corporations. We want to realign our priorities in the city to shift public money towards projects that will boost the city’s urban climate and overall quality of life-- not just a handful of wealthy and powerful corporations.

In order to realign our city’s development priorities, we are forwarding a city-wide ballot initiative that would amend the charter of the City of St. Louis to:

  • Assert citizens’ right to a sustainable energy future,

  • Prohibit the City from giving public money to fossil fuel companies and their bankers, lawyers and lobbyists and,

  • Require the City to make a sustainable energy plan that includes public money for renewable energy and sustainability projects and opens up city-held land for related projects.

For this ballot initiative to be successful, we need strong support from the St. Louis community. To get involved, enter your e-mail address in the "Signup" box, or call us at (314) 862-2249.  

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